Thursday, 19 November 2009

Crossroads: Showdown FAB Review!

Crossroads: Showdown by Keta Diablo

Story: 8.5, Presentation: 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Phaze. BUY HERE
Contemporary M/M erotic romantic suspense

Blurb: Tough PI, Frank McGuire, attempts to help the FBI locate three abducted children from a small town in West Virginia. While channeling his inner spirt for assistance, he mistakenly calls forth a ghost. As Frank races against time to locate the missing girls, he receives help from the most unlikely of sources. To complicate matters, Rand has decided its time Frank commit to their relationship -- or run the risk of Rand being gone when he returns.

My heart is still pounding. This is the best suspense I have read in a long time. The action was non-stop. The twists and turns came out of the blue and left me breathless. The psychic elements were wonderful and the ending was brilliant. Not overdone, no long drawn out scenes. It was simply wonderful.

Both Frank and Rand are well thought out, the sex is hot and vividly described. When they are together, it’s raw yet beautiful. I can’t call it a complaint, because I loved the story as is. But it is the suspense of the book that carries the story. The “Romantic” part of “Romantic Suspense” is not an integral part of SHOWDOWN. But even without a strong romance within the story, it still a book to stay on the keeper shelf. The story stands alone, but I think I want to truly get to know the characters. So I’m off to read the first two in the series, Crossroads and Crossroads: Revisited.

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