CherryD Listed Books

The following CherryD Listed Books are/is available for review:

If you are not a CherryD member but under 18, you can still be considered to receive a review copy from the list below. Send us an email about your interest in reviewing one of the CherryD Listed Books to chericenter-cherrydblog [at] yahoo [dot] com with "UNDER 18 REVIEWER" in the subject line.

More books will be added as we get them and deleted as they become unavailable. Please note that there might be a delay in updating this list at times, but if you have questions please email us at chericenter-cherrydblog [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Calling All CherryD Book Bloggers!!

In the spirit of helping to promote CherryD author members, we are calling all CherryD book bloggers to review CherryD Listed Books. CherryD Listed Books is a list of books available to book reviewers for free (see list above) for promotional purposes, i.e., reviewing the book.

If there are more people requesting to review a particular book than there are available copies, priority will be given to the first people who've put in their request first. If you are a CherryD book blogger member, email your interest to chericenter-cherrydblog [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please include the following information in your email:
  1. Blogger's name
  2. Blog url
  3. Title of the book that you want to review.
If you are a book blogger reviewing one of the CherryD Listed Books, please post the above logo with your review with a link back to the CherryD community. Book bloggers have to be CherryD members.

If you are a CherryD author member (and/or a publisher/book promotion personnel) and you have available book(s) for review for our CherryD book blogger members or a book that you want to promote, please email chericenter-cherrydblog [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please note that a positive review is not guaranted as an honest opinion is encouraged among reviewers.

CherryD and book sources reserves the right to withdraw book(s) from the CherryD Listed Books list at any time without prior notice.