Monday, 12 October 2009

New! Excerpt From Crossroads: Showdown

Crossroads: Showdown - Available November 9th - PHAZE PUBLISHING

Tough PI, Frank McGuire, attempts to help the FBI locate three abducted children from a small town in West Virginia. While channeling his inner spirit for assistance, he mistakenly calls forth a ghost. As Frank races against time to locate the missing girls, he receives help from the most unlikely of sources. To complicate matters, Rand has decided it's time Frank commit to their relationship -- or run the risk of Rand being gone when he returns.

* Elements: scenes of intense sexuality

Excerpt: Frank tells Rand about the ghost he mistakenly called forth:

"Does the sudden coldness in the room have something to do with you going out of town, and does it have to do with those weird dreams and visions you have?” Rand looked around the room. “Jesus, not only is it cold, but the eerie vibes I’m getting are freaking me out.”

“From me?” Frank asked.

“That too, but mostly from the room. Tell me, what’s going on? Why did the room—”

Frank whispered the words. “A ghost.”

Rand’s eyes widened. He looked at Frank. “You’re serious? I’d laugh, but…”

“But what?”

“I can feel it.”

“Not an it.”

“No? What then?”

“A child. A girl.”

“You gotta be shitting me.”

Frank shook his head.

“A ghost is in the condo and it’s a young girl?”


“But how…why?”

“I think I mistakenly called her forth. She’s singing right now. Please tell me you can hear her.”

“The only thing I hear are unbelievable words coming from your mouth, and you’re freaking me out.” Rand paused, leaned forward and met his eyes. “All right, I’ll bite. What’s she singing?”

“I can’t make out all the words, but something about the sandman, blue, and, damn it’s right there, but… ”

“You’re absolutely serious?”

Frank nodded.

“Well fucking great. You called a ghost forth. I told you dabbling in perceptions or whatever the hell you call them would get you in trouble one day.” Rand looked toward the ceiling. “This child ghost, she’s not like the sister of Chuckie or anything, is she?”

“Perfections, Rand, not perceptions. And no, she’s a gentle ghost, although a restless spirit. Not here to harm anyone, but help I think.”

Rand rose. “That does it. I’m jumping into the shower before I turn into an icicle, and I hope when I come back, you’ll have talked her into paying rent if she plans to stay.”

“She’s gone.”

“Already? How do you know?”

“The singing stopped and it’s getting warmer in here.”

Rand shook his head, walked toward the hallway and turned to him. “Stay off the Jack Daniels while I’m gone. I have visions of returning to a full-blown séance.”

“Very funny, Rand. When you return, I’ll tell you about my trip out of town. I leave Monday.”

“Good. Take the damn ghost with you.”

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